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Ko Aarts was born on february 8th in Hulst (the Netherlands). The province of Zeeuws Vlaanderen, a forgotten piece of the Netherlands in between Westerschelde Delta and Belgium, that seems to belong to nobody. He is number 8 out of a family of 11 children, father was a surgeon in the local hospital.

1980 - 1983
Study Psychology at Utrecht University (the Netherlands)

1983 - 1989
Artschool Arnhem (the Netherlands)
Aarts also stayed a lot in Berlin Germay in the 80's, when the Wall was still standing and the Cold War was on its peak.

1989 - 1991
Rijksacademie Amsterdam, post-graduated institute of art (the Netherlands)

1991 - 2009
Lives and works in Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Winner Johan and Titia Buning Brongers Prize

1998 - 2006
Lives and works in Salvador Bahia (Brazil)

2009 - 2012
Lives and works in Antwerp (Belgium)

2012 - present
Lives and works in Amsterdam (the Netherlands)