The world is big, the universe infinite, the earth crowded with tiny people. We are all living in our own little universe. With our own experiences, our own thoughts and feelings. We all look at the world from a different point of view. No perception is equal. No experience is the same. We might look at the same, but we all see different things. That is our Private Universe.


Search and Destroy (from the series 'Out of Order', 2017)

And what is more real? The naked truth or the way we see? The earth turns around its axis, but we see the sun rising and setting. We are together, but always on our own. We dream in ourselves. It is the only way. You got to deal with it and it is wonderful, it is unique, it is yours. We rule in ourselves. Let us do what we want to do and everything will be allright. Always. Everywhere.




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